D&D Disney

Mostly this post is inspired by a kickstarter I saw for a D&D setting called Warrior Princesses in the Realm of Everafter. I missed the kickstarter, but I hope he is going to sell them publicly soon. I think this would be a great way to introduce my nieces into D&D.

But then, I thought, we could probably introduce elements of Disney into D&D. You may think this is a silly idea, but really, there are some fun character possibilities here. Especially if you go with the versions that have appeared on Once Upon a Time.

So, besides the fact that Warrior Princess should totally be a D&D class, here are some fun ideas for Disney inspired D&D characters:

Tarzan – Barbarian, Totem Warrior: Ape
True, the Disney Tarzan isn’t exactly a berserk type of fighter, but if any of his loved ones were in danger he would throw himself into the fray in their defense.

Hercules – Cleric, Tempest Domain
He could channel his father’s storm powers, while striving to be the wise hero he knows he can be.

Pocahontas – Druid, Circle of the Moon
She was a fierce protector of the wilds and of nature, and if she had had the chance to become a wolf, pretty sure she would have taken it.

Mulan – Monk, Way of the Open Hand
Either from the cartoon or from Once Upon a Time, this girl is very clearly warrior material, but would totally understand the way of ki.

Merida – Ranger, Beast Master
I think she might have been built on a ranger template. Really.

Flynn Rider – Rogue, Thief
Bonus points if you get to fight with a frying pan.

Elsa – Wild Magic Sorcerer
She would also have an elemental companion that looks like a snowman.

I’m going to be playing an Elsa like character in an upcoming campaign. I’m hoping it comes across as fun as I think it will. I will let you know.


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