Savage Worlds: 50 Fathoms Typical Shenanigans

The most regular game I am part of is a group I joined at my FLGS (7th Dimension) in response to the store’s email asking for participants. The first game we played was a modified D&D campaign, made to work with the Savage Worlds system. I was hooked. Savage Worlds is a fast, easy to pick up system, that lets the story teller and characters really get into the story, and not worry quite so much about mechanics. There are a few more mathy intensive parts, but not many. And it was a blast.

Once that campaign ended we started fishing around for something else to do, and decided to launch into 50 Fathoms, a fantasy pirate setting for Savage Worlds. It’s a sandbox setting, what they call a plot point campaign, so the characters do not follow a linear story set out by the GM. Instead, they can choose how they want to explore the world, and what part they want to play in it. Sometimes to the surprise (or dismay) of the GM.

We were supposed to be on our way to Brigandy Bay, as official Privateers, to recon the pirates that were headquartered there. We stopped on the way at a town called Swindon, a town that we had previously burned down as well as scaring their evil lecherous leader, Glut, off. While there it came up that Glut was back, had refortified his house, and owned most of the town since he had helped rebuild it.

So much for Brigandy Bay. We decided to stay and take Glut out again.

Three of our crew, those Glut had not previously met, got themselves hired as laborers for Glut, who was busily fortifying the house that we had ripped into with cannon fire on our last adventure. They discovered that something sneaky was going on in the basement, involving large shipments of apples and bananas. So my character, and the other crew member that Glue had met before, snuck into the fruit shipments. Once we were all in the basement, we burst out of the crates, and generally created mayhem. We managed to capture Glut – but then we were stuck in the basement, as his guards gathered on the floors above us. We ended in a Mexican standoff, trying to get ourselves out alive, while still making Glut pay.

We had discovered that Glut was creating part of a formula with the apples and bananas for a pyromancer who planned to start bombing towns. Glut was also keeping women chained in his basement for his amusement. We saved the girls, ruined the formula, and managed to escape alive. Barely. We headed back to Baltimus, where we were in good with the authorities, to make sure that the first version of the story they heard was ours, and that it had a good spin to it.

We didn’t start out to be pirates, really! We were trying to be the good guys . . . and ended up vigilantes. Sigh. Well, now the crew is off on a borrowed pleasure yacht to infiltrate Brigandy Bay, disguised a partyers. Can’t wait to see what trouble we get into next.